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Craving some Italian cuisine in Miami? Visit Red Carpet Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!

Fine Italian Cuisine

Red Carpet Restaurant is the destination for all Italian cuisine lovers. From delectable traditional Italian dishes to mouth-watering Italian desserts, you’ll be treated to an authentic Italian feast.

We also have a wide range of original Italian recipes that our chefs have concocted especially for you.

Come taste our pollo, ravioli, risotto, pasta, and more!

Italian Restaurant Miami

Original Italian recipes

Italian Restaurant Hialeah

Italy on The Table

Red Carpet Restaurant meets all your foodie needs by offering delicious Italian dishes that taste as good as they look. 

Our cuisine blends traditional cooking method with modern takes on various famous dishes. We use only the freshest ingredients in our meals and ensure they are bursting with flavors and colors.

Our dishes burst with flavors and colors

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