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Red Blend Wine Club

A curated and dynamic selections of wine that you cannot find anywhere else.


Our team of sommeliers works with small-scale producers in Italy, France, and Spain to provide a selection of wines that each tell their own story. Every partnership we make is built on the principle of quality: the quality of the land; the quality and care in the production process; the quality of that final wine that makes its way to you.


This is a wine club membership that provides unique wines, distinct flavors, and rich experiences. Every month. From us to you.

The Club


We created Red Blend to share wine varieties that are truly special, to create a community of wine enthusiasts who want the opportunity to try some of the most interesting and dynamic fine wines available anywhere.


This all started as a family-run establishment in Downtown Miami serving high-end Italian cuisine. The food was always backed up, of course, by our extensive wine cellar. After so many requests by customers, friends, and family to be able to take some of our wines away to enjoy at home, setting up a monthly wine club seemed like the only sensible thing to do.


Foundational in everything we do is a deep love of wine. Our selections are wide-ranging because our love for wine is wide-ranging. This is our way of championing small-scale producers around the world, empowering local, organic methods of development that make wine that you can feel that dedication and care in.


Throughout this journey, we have developed a network of partners and friends in vineyards and wineries from Napa to Naples. This is the community we have built around wine, the community we would love you to join.


Your entry into the world of wine. Delivered every month, this subscription will introduce you to wines from across Europe and America. Some varieties you may know, some you definitely won’t. All of our bottles are sourced from small-scale producers and are only made in limited batches. They are not available anywhere else in the country.


Each of our wines has its own story, its own roots, but what brings all of them together is the elegance and sophistication of taste that our network of small-scale producers provides and that we promise.




We work with a network of small-scale producers to provide wines that are truly special. All of our wines are drawn from small batches, each being a product of personal care and experience. These aren’t wines that you will ever see in supermarkets or chain businesses. This is our promise to you.

Expert Selection

Our sommeliers have years of experience and the highest levels of accreditation. They know and love wine and are here to guide people through the world of fine wine. Their selections cover both the very best of the classics and introduce new, original flavors and styles.



Some monthly wine clubs work by repeatedly sending out known varieties, and known names. We think wine is more than that. Our bottles are the result of years of development, of growth and sun and care, and this is all to appreciate that journey.


Fine wines are stories that will introduce you to new regions, new flavors, and new experiences throughout your subscription. We developed this not just to be one of the most exclusive wine clubs, but to be a community of people experiencing new, dynamic parts of the wine world. .

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